Sundance Documentary Takes On JSOC

Jeremy Scahill investigates the Joint Special Operations Command, the source of U.S. kill lists & drone strikes, in "Dirty Wars." The film premiered at Sundance.

Hosted by:
  • Jeremy Scahill,
    New York, NY
    Fellow at The Nation Institute, Author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army; Writer & Producer, 'Dirty Wars'; Writer for The Nation ; Investigative Reporter, The Intercept ; Co-Founder, The Intercept
  • Richard Rowley,
    New York, NY
    Director, 'Dirty Wars'
  • Dave Agnew-Blais,
    Development Coordinator - VABVI
  • Phil Bacotti,
    New Hyde Park, NY
    Brother of Two Enlisted Marines
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