Rape Culture On Campus

According to the Department of Justice, one in four college women will be victims of rape before they graduate. We all know that rape is a problem, but how are college campuses handling sexual assault and abuse?

Hosted by:
  • Annie Clark,
    Washington, DC
    Lead Complainant in Two Department of Education Complaints Against UNC; HuffPost Blogger; Rape Survivor ; Co-Founder, End Rape on Campus; Executive Director, End Rape on Campus
  • Kristen Houser,
    Enola, PA
    Vice President of Communications & Development at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape; Vice President, National Sexual Violence Resource Center
  • Sarah McMahon,
    Newark, NJ
    Assistant Professor of Social Work at Rutgers University
  • Anna Roth,
    Hanover, NH
    Student at Dartmouth College
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