'Best Little Boy In The World' Syndrome

Young, bright closeted men have long used overachievement to try to detract attention from their sexuality. What are the effects of this strategy and what happens to these "best little boys in the world" when they come out as gay?

Hosted by:
  • Rich Juzwiak,
    New York, NY
    Writer at Gawker; Writer at Gawker; Editor at Gawker
  • John Pachankis,
    New York, NY
    Assistant Professor of Psychology at Yeshiva University
  • Adam Chandler,
    Washington, DC
    NY Times Op-Ed Contributor
  • Erin McHugh,
    New York , NY
    Author of 'The L Life: Extraordinary Lesbians Making a Difference'
  • Rick Modien,
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Writer and Blogger
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