The Challenges Of Raising An Intersex Child

An estimated 1 in 2,000 babies is intersex, or has reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn't fit the typical male or female definition. Experts and members of the community discuss the challenges and best practices for raising an intersex child.

Hosted by:
  • Sean Saifa Wall,
    Atlanta, GA
    Intersex Activist; Board Chair of Advocates for Informed Choice; Board Co-Chair of Advocates for Informed Choice
  • Anne Tamar-Mattis,
    Cotati, CA
    Executive Director of Advocates for Informed Choice
  • Pidgeon Pagonis,
    Chicago, IL
    Inter/Act Youth Leadership Coordinator, Advocates for Informed Choice; Youth Program Leader, Advocates for Informed Choice; Intersex Activist
  • Arlene Baratz,,
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Mother of Intersex Adults; Board Member, AIS-DSD Support Group; Research Advisor, NIH and International DSD Network
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