Is Veganism Safe For Babies?

More people are hopping on the vegan bandwagon and they're bringing their babies along for the ride. While there are tons of vegan options for babies, is a restrictive meat and dairy-free diet nutritious enough for a growing child?

Hosted by:
  • Nina Planck,
    New York, NY
    Former Vegan; Cookbook Author
  • Heather Kolaya-Spealman,
    Durham, NC
    Blogger, WTF Do You Eat Vegan?
  • Carissa Leventis-Cox,
    Columbia, SC
    Creator of; Author of Yoga for Cancer; Ayurvedic Nutrition Therapist
  • Amanda Tonkin,
    Dayton, OH
    Vegan Mama; Creator, Chubby Vegan Mom