Should The Dream 9 Be Allowed Back Into The US?

The Dream 9, a cohort of undocumented activists, crossed the border into Mexico and when they tried to return, they were arrested. But are their actions furthering the cause of Dreamers, or distracting from the delicate work of immigration reform?

Hosted by:
  • David Leopold,
    Cleveland, OH
    Former President, American Immigration Lawyers Association; Immigration Reform Activist; Lawyer, Leopold & Associates
  • Blanca E. Vega,
    New York, NY
    Doctoral Candidate at Columbia University; Director of Higher Education Opportunity Program at Marymount Manhattan College; Writer; Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Teachers College-Columbia University ; Adjunct Professor, Rowan University
  • Mohammad Abdollahi,
    San Antonio, TX
    Organizer with the National Immigrant Youth Alliance; Advocacy Director, RAICES
  • DeeDee Garcia Blase,
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Founder of the National Tequila Party Movement